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What's Next?
Leading the Talent Transformation

A Virtual Summit, brought to you by PSI Middle East and the Saudi Human Capital Club

24th - 25th November 2020

The world of work changed more quickly, and more profoundly in 2020, than at any other time over the past 20 years.


It turns out employees can work productively from home!  Work life and personal life have become more interconnected and employees have become used to a greater level of flexibility and autonomy.  Organisations have been forced to realign and reshape their work environments. 


Given this ‘new normal’, HR and Talent Professionals have got to rethink how we acquire, develop, and engage talent to maintain high-performing organisations.  How do we sustain organisational culture given remote and more flexible working?  ​What does the new talent management landscape look like?  What lessons can we apply in the future?


Join us and a selection of GCC Talent Thought Leaders for practical insights as we explore What's Next? – How is the future of work taking shape?


PSI Middle East is proud to be partnering with the Saudi Human Capital Club. All HR and Talent Professionals are welcome. 

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